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Apr 13, 2007

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minnesota atv clubs

We've taken many trail rides on our ATVs in Minnesota and know quite a number of ATV fans there. With the ever-growing support for ATV as a family-orientated activity, the government and many locals helps ensure that ATV remains a safe and healthy family sport. If you're planning to visit Minnesota for some ATV riding, you're in for some fun if you get in touch with a few ATV clubs there. Most of the Minnesota ATV clubs are friendly ATV enthusiasts who will not hesitate to help you enjoy riding your ATV in Minnesota . Here a few of them that we think is worth checking out.

Arrowhead ATV Club

Arrowhead Minnesota ATV Club is located in Duluth and they extend you their invitation if you ever plan to ride your ATV in Minnesota . We reckon they wouldn't mind answering some of your ATV-related questions either. You can email Gene at barbergo@peoplepc.com and they should be able to provide you some answers regarding ATV riding in Minnesota .

Freedom Ridge ATV Resort

Although it is essentially an ATV resort and not technically speaking a club, who cares?! The most important thing is that they're fun, provides good service and all their staff seems apt in meeting our needs and answering our questions. We had a great time at Freedom Ridge ATV resort and you'll have a smashing good time riding your ATV there as well. Everyone can have fun riding ATV here because they have ATVs for rent for a very reasonable pricing.

reservations@freedomridge.net , www.freedomridge.net , 10694, Highway 200, Park Rapids, MN 56470.

Range Riders ATV Club, Inc

Among all the Minnesota ATV clubs, we found Range Riders ATV Club to be one of the more organized and driven bunch of ATV enthusiasts. Being part of ATVAM does this to small clubs. You can be sure that even beginners will have fun and remain safe with this ATV club because to them, safety is Numero Uno. In fact, there have Youth ATV safety and education program organized every now and then.

To write them, send your mail to P.O. Box 107 , Nashwauk , MN 55769 , email them at mari@virginiamn.com or call them at (218) 7786394 for more information.

Red Rock Riders ATV Club Minnesota

Have you every heard of how punishing some of the ATV trails around Pengilly area can be? No? You should read more. anyway, the point is this….Red Rock Riders are people who are familiar with these extreme ATV trails around Minnesota and they're probably as good as it gets! They first got together as Crazy Loon Saloon but expanded so much that they now offer you a chance to torture your quad at the Alborn-Pengilly ATV Trail. Don't say we didn't warn you – beginners….steer clear! Those who love mud and ATV, give these guys a shot! Email: rootbeer55744@yahoo.com

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